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picture of Tux as Rhysling: playing concertina, black cloth
 over eyes, singing
[more about our penguins] is [will be -- we're just getting started!] a web-based cooperative for musicians and listeners, based on the following principles:

There's more in the Introduction. This page will eventually become something like a portal, showing you what's new and wonderful on the site.

For reference purposes, here is the essay I originally wrote describing this proposal:

And here's the Project Roadmap (which includes a tentative near-term schedule).

Here are the Technical Details (currently sketchy-to-nonexistant).

Since the site isn't fully opererational, there's no way to join yet. If you're interested, send mail to <admin @> and I'll get back to you. Don't forget to take the spaces out of the address when you paste it into your mail program.

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