This is the index of performers. Unlike the index of members, which will be open only to members, it's assumed that if you're a performer you want the public at large to be able to find your pages. Think of as a web hosting service for musicians.

You can, however, mark parts of your site as being for ``members only''. This is a good way of getting your fans involved in the PenguinSong community.

Reasonably enough, under each performer's directory you will find all of their recorded performances (``tracks''), cross-indexed to the albums they appear on (under publishers) and to the corresponding song pages, located under their composers. Please note that it's perfectly OK to upload an unrecorded track -- it just won't have an album to link to.

Any member can have their own performer's page, for free. That's our way of getting everyone in the community involved in making music. We especially encourage songwriters to upload rough tracks of their new songs.