Project Roadmap


Current Status:


  1. [done] Set up web server
  2. [20011002] obtain domain names
  3. [20011020] set up DNS for, [.com should wait until there's a need for it -- no point deceiving people into thinking there's anything there to buy.]
  4. [20011018] put appropriate URL's on fanish business cards
  5. [done] Obtain or construct suitable logo artwork
  6. [done] Apply cPIA stylesheets to web pages for uniform look
    using jPIA offline and Perl index.cgi online for this -- will eventually make the transition to AMP, which is simpler and more comprehensible.
  7. [20020530] Get the web template engine (the AMP Active Markup Processor) running.
  8. [done] Get the auto-link code working and integrated into AMP.
  9. [20020928] Get WebDAV code in file.cgi working.
  10. [ongoing] start migrating files to AMP and away from offline formatting except for high-volume pages.
  11. [in progress] Get the upload and version control (CVS-based) integrated. At that point it will be possible for people other than developers to upload files.
  12. [in progress] The member-registration, authentication, and authorization code.
  13. Create my own artist and song pages. Use these to debug the skeletons and associated forms.
  14. The FilkWiki parser and edit CGI. At that point it will be possible to create and modify pages using only a browser.
  15. The download-tracking code.


  1. Make a printed flier, hopefully before OVFF Consonance Baycon Westercon
  2. Shakedown cruise. Solicit experimental trial memberships at Westercon at ConJose on filk-related mailing lists and newsgroups.
  3. Hold an organizational meeting (ConJose?) -- heck with it: on IRC, when it's darned-well ready.