OK, so we're not really in operation yet, and don't have any members. Check out /m//SteveSavitzky/ for a sample.

When we are in operation, this index will be open to members only -- there's no point in making it easy for spammers to find us all. There will be plenty of (opt-in) mailing lists, both moderated and unmoderated. There will be a couple of dummy users scattered around at random to make it easy to spot people abusing the list.

However, even though this index isn't public, your member home page and selected portions of your other content is -- in other words, you can use PenguinSong.net as a hosting service. You can give anyone, member or not, a link to your member page, performer page, or songwriter page and it will work for them.

Since the site isn't fully opererational, there's no way to join yet. If you're interested, send mail to <admin @ penguinsong.net> and I'll get back to you. Don't forget to take the spaces out of the address.