Note that this index could be called the ``creator'' or ``contributor'' index -- it includes not only composers but lyricists and eventually perhaps others. The URL of the index, /c/, is chosen to resemble the common (but incorrect) notation ``(c)'' for ``Copyright''.

Unlike the index of members, which will be open only to members once we get going, it's assumed that if you're writing songs you want as many people as possible to be able to find your pages. Think of as a web hosting service for songwriters. Part of the point is to have a permanent, stable URL for every one of your songs. No matter what your ISP does, anyone who knows that you have a PenguinSong page will be able to find your stuff.

Although your main page will always be public, you'll be able to mark parts of your site as being for ``members only''. This is a good way of getting your fans involved in the PenguinSong community.

Things are nowhere near set up yet, but you'll find a sample page under construction at /c//StephenSavitzky/.